Easy Video Traffic Redirect

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Easy Video Traffic Redirect

Chris Archer

When you are lucky enough to get traffic to your videos you should do all you can to get them to do what you want them to do and to go where you want to send them.

You should treat your marketing videos like a sales funnel and not let anybody out of the side door if you can help it.  This will help you plug a leak or two in your process and retain your visitor.

This short series of videos will help you to send your visitors to the place you want them to be rather than were Youtube wants to send them.

Using free Google tools you can have a major influence on the direction your visitors go when they leave your video.

Here you will learn how to add an Outro to the end of your video which precedes the road that Youtube wants to take them down. By adding a link to the outro you can retain the traffic by sending them to your website , offer , or another of your videos.

This is a short practical video series with no fluff.    You can pay what you want to pay for this product whether you choose $1 or a small amount more is entirely your choice.

This product is not currently for sale.
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